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#WhyIStayed: A Lesson In Empathy [OPINION]

21 November 2014, by Aisha Springer

Domestic violence is incredibly common. The statistics are staggering: In the U.S. one in four women experiences domestic violence in her lifetime. Internationally, domestic violence kills more people than war. Yet domestic violence and violence against women is generally misunderstood and mischaracterized by individuals and the media, focusing on victim-blaming and excuse-making. Depictions of domestic violence are sensationalized, rationalized...


#PGPDVice Sensationalizes Prostitution Sting with Live-Tweet

07 May 2014, by Aisha Springer

The #myNYPD fiasco may have just been bumped to second place in a Twitter race to show which police department is most out of touch with reality. Last Thursday, the Prince George’s County Police Department in Maryland announced a plan to live-tweet a prostitution sting this week, a decision that has been met with considerable




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