Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

Frontline Nurses

  • Alex Gil
  • Angela Zoss

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Facets is a theme for Wax sites that allows users to browse through a collection using facets, or filters. When we are browsing through a collection of cultural artifacts, we often want to reduce the number of objects in front of us to a small collection that fits a very specific criteria. Faceted browsing is a form of browsing that allows you to do just that using filters you select. In Facets this can be achieved using drop-down menus where you can select the categories you want to browse by.

Besides the ability to do faceted browsing, Facets also allows creators to extract any subcollection that can be filtered by category and use it on any page of the site. We hope this will be useful in the creation of exhibits that focus on particular sub-collections or selections.

Facets is the team work of Angela Zoss and Alex Gil. During the lockdown, they met religiously for two hours every week. They finally met in real life once the project was almost complete. Facets builds on the work of Marii Nyrop, and the cheerful encouragement of the Wax community which gathers on a channel on the Code4Lib Slack.