Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

MWME in Wax

  • Manan Ahmed
  • Alex Gil
  • Madiha Choksi
  • Kaoukab A. Chebaro
  • Shamim Hossain
  • Zara Khadeeja Majoka
  • Mohit Kaycee
  • Peter Magierski

The MWME builds on the work of the Muslim World Manuscript Project.

In this exhibit we focus on the substantial collection of Muslim-world manuscripts housed at Columbia’s Rare Book and Manuscripts Library (RBML). This formerly “dark archive” at Columbia University is in the process of being digitized and catalogued as part the MWM Project. In this exhibit we begin the process of interpretation and study of these manuscripts.

The project will develop new ways to incorporate MARCXML records into the production of a Wax site built on minimal computing principles. In short, the site for the exhibit will be created with attention and care for readerships in areas of low-bandwidth and other limited forms of access to computational resources.