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Manuscript Field Notebook

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Wax Molding and Sand Casting Reconstruction by Jef Palframan

Day by Day Entries

Oct 14 - Finishing the Medals


Oct 14 - Pouring the Molds

  • Conditions:
    • The weather was temperate and had no
  • Materials:
    • Tin:
    • Silver:
    • Acetylene Torch:
    • Kiln:
    • Foundry:

Oct 14 - Making the Mold Casting

  • Conditions:
    • Lab conditions, approx. 72°, no air movement, average humidity.
  • Materials:
    • Sand from...

Tarte of Hippes by Emily Taplan Boyd

9/3/14 - Boyd - Hippes

Here are some sites that I referred to in establishing what Rosehips are and also where to find them:

9/3/14 - Boyd - Hippes

Posted on facebook to see if anyone knows where to find Rosehips. Also ordered some dried on in case they cannot be found in the flesh.

Here is a...