Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

Nimble Tents

  • Alex Gil
  • Manan Ahmed

Universities and Colleges, and their Libraries and Digital Scholarship Labs in particular, have the latent capacity to gather quickly and react to the urgencies we can expect from the anthropocene and our vulnerable political landscapes: reams of good will, talent, space, colleague networks, communication and management lines, pedagogical wherewithal, computational savvy, and much more. The nimble tents toolkit provides timelines, instructions and sample materials to help your team and organization tap into that potential.

The toolkit was born of our Puerto Rico Mapathon. Beyond mapathons, we feel our cultural and academic institutions can rapidly respond to other events, so we are preparing as well pages for Data Rescue, Quick Bibliographies, and events to fight hate on campuses. Please visit The Nimble Tents Toolkit site to stay abreast.