Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

Securing Poetry: Umang

  • Manan Ahmed
  • Jonah Bossewitch
  • Alex Gil
  • Nosheen K. Ali

Umang is a digital humanities endeavor for poetic dialogue in South Asia. The platform showcases curated videos of contemporary poetic thought in more than seven South Asian languages with English translation. Alongside, it features a moderated forum where users can submit and share their own poetry, as well as a blog for exploring the connections between literature, history, and society. Apart from providing a meeting place for poets, writers, artists, translators, learners and lovers of the poetic word, Umang seeks to use new media to amplify traditions of poetic reflection and nurture our capacities for empathetic, cross-cultural connection.


In June 2014, unknown organizations hacked and wiped the servers in an attempt to repress critical thought and expression in Pakistan. We will brainstorm and devise a plan to secure Umang Poetry and protect it for online discourse.