Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

d3.js w/ Emily Fuhrman

WORKSHOP at 4-6pm on 10 Apr 2015
⌖ Butler Studio, 208b

At the root of complex interactive visualizations are simple, data-driven shapes. This workshop will provide a basic introduction to the D3.js JavaScript library, and will walk participants through the steps necessary to use data to control and customize the visual attributes of elements in a browser. Included will be an overview of JavaScript data types, an introduction to JSON, and a summary of the D3 enter-update-exit pattern: the building blocks from which to build scalable, dynamic visualizations for a range of contexts.

Experience with JavaScript is a plus, but not required. Basic experience with HTML and CSS recommended. Please bring a laptop with Google Chrome installed.

This event is open to Columbia affiliates and the NYC-DH community. If you’re coming from outside Columbia, please let Alex Gil know at

Visit for Emily Fuhrman’s design portfolio.