Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

Empowering Reason w/ Errikos Pitsos, CEO of

ENCOUNTER at 3:00pm on 08 Nov 2016
⌖ Butler Library 208b

Join us for a talk about online democracy and deliberation with Errikos Pitsos, founder of, a platform for "empowering reason" and "where people with opposing views can meet and understand each other's thinking."

What is Kialo?

Kialo is a visual reasoning platform. It offers an easy way to get to the heart of complex topics. Specifically designed to streamline multi-party deliberations, Kialo conveys all arguments and points of view using intuitive argument trees.

What do you mean by ‘argument tree’?

The basic concept of Kialo is to represent a discussion as a tree of pro and con arguments. At the top is the discussion thesis, supported and weakened by Pros and Cons underneath. These arguments can have their own Pros and Cons. The validity of the thesis is determined by the arguments and their respective child arguments below, all the way to the base of the tree.

What can I use Kialo for?

Kialo can help you make an important business decision, give structure to a major political disagreement, or let your classroom consolidate new knowledge through interactive class debates.

Show me some stats

Kialo has yielded quick decisions with 100 arguments written by six people in 30 mins and major policy debates with over 5000 arguments on a single topic over 3 months.

Why did we create Kialo?

Kialo was created as an antidote to the internet shouting factory. It provides a platform where people with opposing views can meet and understand each other’s thinking.