Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

Electronic Device Security at the Border

TEACH-IN at 5-6pm on 10 Feb 2017
⌖ Butler Studio (208b)

As part of our ongoing, "Technologies of Dissent" series (in partnership with the Electronic Frontiers Alliance), this teach-in will introduce you to best practices for securing your devices and protecting your online and offline privacy while crossing international borders. No prior experience is necessary. Event open to the public.

Notes from and key terms from the workshop can be found here.

Recent Executive Orders by President Trump have focused on surveillance and examination of travelers’ personal devices as well as their social media history, contacts, and other information. In fact, United States is joining similar efforts already instituted in Turkey, Pakistan, United Kingdom and more. As academics and researchers engaged in active research and publication around the world, we are especially vulnerable to these new legal regimes–irrespective of our citizenship and legal status. Let us take some measures to limit our vulnerabilities.

The workshop will be led by Prof. Dennis Tenen (English & Comp. Lit) and Prof. Manan Ahmed (History) at the Butler Studio (208b).