Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

Rediscovering Words and Worlds: Arabic Script Collections at Columbia University

CONFERENCE on 16 Feb 2017
⌖ New York, US
with contribution from:
  • Manan Ahmed
  • Abbas Amanat
  • Hassan Ansari
  • Sadegh Ansari
  • Zeinab Azarbadegan
  • Mahmood Gharavi
  • Maryam Ekhtiar
  • Mitch Fraas
  • Matthew Gillman
  • Avinoam Shalem
  • Kathi Ivanyi
  • Hadi Jorati
  • Hossein Kamaly
  • Evyn Kropf
  • Boris Liebrenz
  • Peter Magierski
  • Brinkley Messick
  • Matthew Miller
  • Maria Oldal
  • Sean Quimby
  • Kristina Richardson
  • Alexandre Roberts
  • George Saliba
  • Sabine Schmidtke
  • Kathryn Schwartz
  • Jane Siegel
  • Janet Gertz

The 3-day workshop is set to take place on February 16-18, 2017 at Columbia University. Professor Sabine Schmidtke from the Institute for Advanced Study will conduct a keynote lecture on Thursday, Feb. 16.

We encourage all participants to RSVP for the conference.

Day 1, Thursday, February 16

Location: Butler Hall 523

Day 2, Friday, February 17

Location: Butler 523

PRIVATE WORKSHOPS— Day 3, Saturday, February 18

Location: RBML

These workshops are intended to be private tutorial sessions held at RBML for approximately 10 select graduate students per session. Participation in the workshops is contingent upon your participation in the whole public event. The Arabic/Persian paleography and codicology as well as the cataloging workshops are obligatory for students to attend in order to benefit from the thematic workshops, on either scientific or Quranic manuscripts. Please register for the workshops here


Post-Event Summation