Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
at Columbia University

Online Advocacy with the Electronic Frontier Foundation

FIRESIDE CHAT on 10 Nov 2017
⌖ Butler Studio, 208b

EFF is engaged in major legislative fights, beating back digital censorship bills disguised as intellectual property proposals, opposing attempts to force companies to spy on users, championing reform bills that rein in government surveillance, and much more.

Join the The Center for Data, Media and Society and the Experimental Methods Group this Friday (Nov 10), from 3-4pm at Butler Studio (208b) for an informal conversation with Nathan “nash” Sheard, Grassroots Advocacy Organizer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He will introduce the organization’s involvement with issues of online privacy, surveillance, net neutrality, justice in policing, and access to information. Together, we will talk about possible projects and local ways to get involved. Hope to see you there!