Group for Experimental Methods in Humanistic Research
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04/01/15 Research featured in Le Monde print and online.
11/01/14 piracyLab members Maxwell Foxman and Dennis Tenen publish “Book Piracy as Peer Preservation” in Computational Culture, no. 4.
01/10/13 Sarah Laskow from Columbia Journalism Review covers piracyLab. The story was picked up by Melville House, Bookforum, and ActuaLitté.
02/01/13 Mark Phillipson and Dennis Tenen on “Hacking the Archive” at New Media in Education Conference 2013.

piracyLab was convened by the faculty, students, and librarians involved in the Hacking the Archive course taught in the spring of 2013 by Professors Matthew Connelly and Dennis Tenen at Columbia University.

piracyLab is an academic research collective exploring the impact of piracy on the spread of knowledge around the world. Our work combines critical, historical, and quantitative approaches to the study of illicit knowledge, information “leaks,” and underground archives. We are interested in understanding the ethics and the social dynamics of piracy in its legal, technological, and socioeconomic contexts.